You Better Run

You better run provide a local and online multiplayer support to enjoy with friends and family.

Ability in game:

  • Dash : A player can dash from one place to another to protect your player from fire, ice or spike, and chicken.
  • Fire : Will throw fire and will cause damage to the opponent player and can kill a chicken running behind you.
  • Ice : Ice ability will slow down the opponent and make a way for you to escape especially when you don't have a spike.
  • Ghost : Ghost ability can use one time in each game round. Which will make you a ghost for few seconds and the enemy can't see you and where you can see them in red.

  • Spike Carrier : You will not see the spike carrier, so keep suspect on each player and run from them, Spike carrier might trick you.
  • Chicken : If you face off with chicken you have to now run from chicken and spike carrier.
  • Teleport : There is one underground tunnel where only one player is allowed to escape from one side of the map to another.

Fuel Us!

We are currently a teeny tiny team of(2) with a tight budget on the game, We need support to power up our infrastructure and maximize the potential of the multiplayer-game-server to increase our reach.

Download white-paper